Subsidy and grant options

SMEs sometime shy away from translating their business strategy into a marketing and communication strategy as they fear the associated price tag. However, with comma and the help of some government support, this does become affordable indeed.

SME e-wallet

The Flemish government may contribute by way of the SME e-wallet. As comma’s strategic advice and workshops have been officially recognised by Vlaio, the Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency, they may pick up 30% of your tab, with a maximum of EUR 7,500. 

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SME growth subsidy


Does your SME want to take a strategic growth leap and seek comma’s advice? With a growth subsidy of up to EUR 50,000 per year, Vlaio, the Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency supports companies looking to explore new markets or bring new products onto the market. 

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Our services

Strategic marketeers icon - comma

from strategy to business

We make future-proof plans for growth

Our brand strategists explore the heartbeat of your company. Discovering your marketing and communication needs is part of their DNA. Together, we will translate your strategic vision for the future into an innovative brand essence.

Design thinkers icon - comma

from branding to design

We put soul in your brand story

Our brand designers see the big picture. After getting to the bottom of your product or service, they work creatively with your company story. Very soon, your online and offline corporate (re)branding and storytelling will stir your customers’ imagination.

Digital experts icon - comma

from digitalisation to operations

We deliver tailored digital transformation

Our digital experts examine how far you want to take your digital transformation. Based on your plan for the future, we improve your digital strategy, prepare an online marketing plan and optimise your website with targeted functionalities and content.