This is who we are and what we do

comma, brand strategists is a strategic marketing agency with a strong focus on entrepreneurship.
Our core values? Passion and commitment.
Our motto? Fly high & enjoy the ride!

Our goal? To achieve an exceptional co-creation between our customers and our experts. Make sure to drop by in our unique workspace and prepare to be inspired as you meet our strategic marketeers, design thinkers and digital experts.

This is who we are and what we do

Our services

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Strategic marketeers

We make future-proof plans for growth

Our brand strategists explore the heartbeat of your company. Discovering your marketing and communication needs is part of their DNA. Together, we will translate your strategic vision for the future into an innovative brand essence.

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Digital experts

We (re)create your digital channels

Our digital experts examine how far you want to take your digital transformation. Based on your plan for the future, we improve your digital strategy, prepare an online marketing plan and optimise your website with targeted functionalities and content.

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Design thinkers

We put soul in your brand story

Our brand designers see the big picture. After getting to the bottom of your product or service, they work creatively with your company story. Very soon, your online and offline corporate (re)branding and storytelling will stir your customers’ imagination.

In co-creation

We believe that the best results are achieved in co-creation, a creative collaboration between your company and our experts. Each in their own field, they are eager to shape your vision for the future.

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